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Upgrading / Downgrading Account



FLV Hosting Order Number 3894719391

Would it be possible to move from the Small Business level to Corporate level for a couple of months and then move back down to Small Business level once we know the traffic back to normal?

the level of account can be changed anytime up or down
It does require a reorder of services, however it is basically just a billing change. No changes are made to videos, paths, locations, names or any part of the account, other than, the billing amount.

Upgrades can be ordered here
Upgrade/Downgrade Account
Once ordered, your account limits are increased within 24 hours.

To downgrade, Please go to the order pages, choose the level of account you wish to switch to, and order. In the comments boxes after checkout, place a note with your previous order number and advise us its a downgrade FLV Hosting Accounts Pricing We will adjust the account settings after receiving the new order accordingly

As this is in effect a billing change, just the account limits are changed, nothing else. Cancellation: information here Note: we may have upgrades available to systems Please check for details
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